Comway Distribution A/S Denmark

Global independent IT distribution – just a click away!

Carlos Manuel Costa
Product Manager, Refurbished Equipment 
Kenneth Petersen
Business Development Manager/Sales 
Kasper Jorgensen

Copen Distribution ApS Denmark

Laptops, Servers, Printers and Supplies

Richard Sorensen
Kasper Klithammer

CPH IT Distribution Aps Denmark

CPH IT Distribution is an independent global  IT distributor with high focus on suppling the best quality within IT options and accessories from the world´s leading manufactures.

Our main strength is our worldwide customer relations therefor we strive to provide them with the reliability and the flexibility needed at a competitive prices. A profitable business model that allows our customers to save money and make more margin. Our company is conceived and managed by IT professionals, financial wizards and business integration specialists. All having expertise and extensive experience in their respective fields. With a deep understanding of several trades and processes. Our brilliant team of professionals speaks 10 different languages and has over 12 years of experience behind it and ready to understand and meet your needs.

CPH IT Distribution only associates with authorized resellers and distributors, providing our customers with secure, authentic and original products.

Fares Armanazi
Fares Armanazi
Tino Yannopoulos
Sales Manager 

Dane Computer Aps Denmark

Rikke Gulbaek

DV Trading A/S Denmark

DV Trading has been in the industry for 20 years, specialised in IBM highend and midrange storage equipment.

Pia Mortensen
Offiice manager , IBM sales 

We sell NEW and used IBM storage midrange and highend both tape, disk and switches

EET Group A/S Denmark

John Goransson
Product Manager 
Soren Hviid
Group Sales Manager 

Epoka A/S Denmark

Distributor of Datacenter & Networking Hardware.

Vladislavs Ruseckis
Vladislavs Ruseckis
Sales - IBM, Lenovo & Brocade 
Peter Brix
Product Manager - HP 
Anders Bech Jensen
Anders Bech Jensen
Product Manager; Dell Servers, Network, Sun Microsystems, Oracle & Fujitsu 

Anders Bech Jensen

33 years life Experience

3 Years Broker Experience

10+ years trading Experience

Product Manager at Epoka on following products; Dell Servers, Network, Sun Microsystems, Oracle & Fujitsu

Team consist of 5 team members - for now.

Lasse Steen Jensen
Lasse Steen Jensen

GARS - IBM Europe Denmark

IBM Certified Pre-owned Equipment is fully refurbished to meet or exceed the same standards as new IBM hardware.

Peter Viuf Johansen
Remarketing Manager Broker Sale 

Inside Systems A/S Denmark

IBM pSeries, Lenovo, HP9000, Cisco

Allan Olsen
Procurement Manager 
Thomas Jakobsen
Kasper Muus
Tobias Villadsen

Intec System aps Denmark

Global IT supplier

Morten Hansen